I wrote this poem shortly after an encounter with a molecule. Though the experience at times bordered on terrifying, it resolved into a state of relaxation once I learned to have fun with it. That’s the inspiration for this poem.

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I rhyme peculiar sets of phrases 
I flip like mad all through the pages 
Lines and lines I don’t recall 
I see the scribbles on the wall 

Distorted time, distorted speech 
My hands reach out, yet I can’t reach 
The water that sits near my bed 
My thoughts run wild 
I might be dead 

But no, I see some colors there 
Across the wall, a rainbow glare
A mystery, what could this be?

They had forewarned me, I suppose 
I could burst forth in lines of prose 
Or spend hours just wiggling my toes 
What kind of heaven do I see? 
I guess it’s just the LSD