Using ddcutil on Pop!_OS With Nvidia Drivers

I recently installed System76’s Pop!_OS on my desktop computer, which uses an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. The Nvidia support from Pop!_OS is great, and it’s a wonderfully polished Linux distro, but I ran into an issue using ddcutil, a utility to adjust the brightness of external monitors.

Edicts Pt. 1

This is an assortment of edicts I try to hold myself by, as of June 2020. They are inspired by my reading, life experience, and moments of tranquility and clarity. As my conscience “grows”, and I come up with more, I will post installments to this series. Do note that these edicts are not written as admonishments — they serve as a reference — I use them to remind myself of insights I’ve gathered over time. A diary of the conscience, if you will.