Nostalgia Is a Toxin

Childhood — oh, you are the great universal. You bound me into who I am today, but you are just a shell — I had to shed the dreams you enthralled me with to writhe away from your grasp. That boundless freedom of having every option was a prison all the same, and I knew it. But I miss you still, and sometimes I wonder… Have you forever slipped away from my reach?

Restricting Drawing Tablets to A Bounded Area on Linux and Pop!_OS

Introduction I recently bought a drawing tablet to use as a sort of “digital whiteboard” on video calls. I think in large blocks of architecture, so having a whiteboard makes it a lot easier for me to communicate what I’m thinking to others. Using a whiteboard in real-time helps me sketch out and explore new ideas more concretely. Unfortunately, COVID has preempted in-person meetings for now, so I’ve had to find a way to do this digitally.

How Are You Really Voting?

Please note I write these posts more for myself than anyone else. I’m no preacher. As the (as of yet unknown) outcome of the 2020 US Presidential Election looms large, I think it’s high time to reflect on all the ways in which we vote, and not just in governmental elections. In fact, the non-political votes you cast are probably moreimportant, given that you cast these votes nearly every waking minute of your life.

Using ddcutil on Pop!_OS With Nvidia Drivers

I recently installed System76’s Pop!_OS on my desktop computer, which uses an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. The Nvidia support from Pop!_OS is great, and it’s a wonderfully polished Linux distro, but I ran into an issue using ddcutil, a utility to adjust the brightness of external monitors.